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Dedicated Attention To Your Estate Planning Objectives

Family is as important to me as it is to you. My family is one of the reasons I make my home in Simsbury, and your family is the reason you want a well-designed estate plan in place for the future. At Law Offices of Charles D. Houlihan, Jr., I am a lawyer who knows how complex families can be. Crafting an estate plan can be a difficult act. It calls for wisdom, strength and delicacy, but it is important to make your decisions and plans while you are able. It brings you and your family peace of mind and ensures peace after you are gone.

Connecticut state law has its own unique principles regarding your assets and businesses, and I will ensure the wealth that you have built-up through your life is protected.

Legal Necessities In Estate Planning

As your attorney, it is important to guide you through the laws and processes to ensure that your property is handled according to your plan. Among the issues I will guide you through are:

  • Probate court: Every will goes through probate, and having a well-constructed will and estate plan is vital to reduce time and cost for your survivors.
  • Wills and trusts: Without a clear last will and testament, there is always an opportunity for someone to contest your will. Such litigation can place your survivors in a devastating position.
  • Power of attorney: Designating someone you trust to make decisions for you should you become incapacitated is vital as you age.
  • Living wills: Documenting your choices to ease your family’s burden.

The right decisions for all estate planning are up to you. I can help you craft these important documents to ease future burdens for your family.

Designing A Plan To Help Your Family

Having a strong probate and estate plan in place is a powerful step in asset protection for your family. To set up a free initial consultation, contact me, Charles D. Houlihan, Jr., at 860-495-1493 or through the contact form.