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Experience And Knowledge Matters In Litigation

The goal of most legal work is to stay out of court because court cases can be draining emotionally and financially. In a large percentage of cases, having parties meeting in good faith can resolve many problems. It’s important to gauge how fruitful discussions might be and to proceed to court when other courses of action are inadequate. Knowing when litigation cannot be avoided is an art form, an instinct honed with decades of experience in the law.

Many other lawyers do not litigate, and their clients must switch to another attorney to proceed to court. This can be costly and frustrating for clients. With over 30 years’ experience as a litigator, I understand the complexity of judges and juries. At my firm, Law Offices of Charles D. Houlihan, Jr., I can take your case from its beginning dispute all the way through to the courtroom if necessary. I understand courtrooms, and I understand the complexity judges and juries bring to proceedings.

A Practiced Hand At The Wheel Of Your Case

Experience has taught me that to succeed in court, a lawyer must be detail-oriented. I take the reins of your discovery process and ensure that every detail is understood backward and forward. Often entire cases hinge on a solitary fact. Ascertaining that fact and its significance is crucial in any litigation matter such as:

With every case that I accept, your needs are front and center. I take a personal, hands-on approach to achieve resolution so you can move on with your life.

Confident Advice For Contentious Problems

I take pride in having spent the majority of my career building strong, meticulous cases that stand up to scrutiny in Connecticut courts and beyond. Having the confidence and experience to see cases through to the end is often a relief for my clients. When you have an experienced litigation attorney focused on your goals, there is no need to switch drivers mid-journey. You can rest confident.

I offer free initial consultations to new clients. Contact me, Charles D. Houlihan, Jr., in Simsbury by calling 860-495-1493 or through the contact form.